My name is Philipp Marc Tischer, I am 22 years old and born in Berlin – Germany.
I am currently enrolled in a B.A. in political science and psychology.

My interestes are bayesian statistics, visual communication, photography and international relations.

As part of my studies at the University of Mannheim I am asked to blog about variate topics regarding the historic- and more recent development of “Russian Foreign Policy”.

I really hope to engage people to actively participate in this blog, further I ll continuously post a selection of links to news about the war in the Ukraine as I am convinced that media is covering the situation insufficient. People´s minds are easily influenced; out of sight out of mind!

“If you think this website is bad, I don´t care!” – Simon Becker

Special thanks goes to Niña Lerch who´s inspiration and blog knowledge turned this page into what it is!