Today I relaxed and enjoyed the last bit of warming sun in the slowly getting more and more autumn atmosphere. Being out there enjoying the calmness and tranquility was worth the day, pretty recovered I got home, recharged with energy, ready to get some work done!

Word: “I ll continuously post a selections of links regarding the situation in the Ukraine (…)”, though it has to be said that they barely cover the events: I really don´t want to convince readers of any point of view, rather I like to drop hints and push them to evaluate their state of mind in the right direction.

Back in text; Few days ago Obama and Putin, at the same event, battling each other, made my day! There are also the full speeches available on YouTube, if you are going to listen to Putin’s speech wear headphones and choose between left or right accordingly to listen to the mediation or Putin as the vocal crossover is rather done poorly! You will find the highlights below:

Listening to them I questioned: What actually happened last year?


I remember me being a year ago in Berlin enrolled in law and planing the next adventure. Should I first go and discover the south or the north of the Hoenn region was a question seriously to be considered. Laying my Gameboy and the sapphire edition aside I remember me being keen as to study visual communication. Like these days when I get a bit of spare time I used to back then to disappear on a quite regular basis behind my Laptop playing around with Photoshop, bit like Photoshop Philipp; “keep on rocking Philipp!” – Jokes on me, alrite, good old nerd times, miss them tho! – Back then the homework to apply for visual communication at the UDK Berlin (Universität der Künste) was called ” Vorgestern und Übermorgen” which means as much as two days ago and the day after tomorrow – I don´t want to make here any references to the movie – and I stumbled about the back then called Ukraine conflict. My homework was politically interested drawing attention to the annexation of Crimea and the freshly rebellion in the east. In the whole concept of the portfolio layout the work fitted insofar in as I forced the viewer to face the world, our world, the way that it used to be and the world that it has become. I was convinced that sanctions against the Russian economy were not going to solve the dilemma. The message was: Same, same. Two days ago, two days from now!

One year later: Same, same!

Well, events happened since then…. , but lets be plain: the at the beginning called conflict is now called war! Besides words used by the media to first downplay the situation not much change went hand in hand!

Screen shot 2015-10-01 at 12.26.27 AM (2)

Interesting Links of the moment:

1. Bellingcat Investigation – Russia’s Path(s) to War

2. Russia funds Moscow conference for US, EU and Ukraine separatists

3. Patron Saint Of Russian Journalism Despairs Over Putin’s Television

4. Putin is turning the Syrian coast into another Crimea

5. Crimean-Tatar activists block roads into Russia-annexed Crimea

6. East Ukraine elections would be ‘serious violation’ of Minsk: Germany

7. How Russia Invaded Ukraine

But hey, there is a meeting comming up on october the 2nd between Hollande, Merkel and Putin, lets wait and see!

Yours Philipp

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