Stay tuned with daily politics

1.Two Russian soldiers “accidentally” cross into Ukraine, get detained

2. Russia strikes back at Turkey with economic sanctions
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A historical essay about the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact

While we look forward to the future, we have to reckon with the present, and we cannot properly deal with the present without evaluating the meaning of the past.

We should not forget that while the seeds of tomorrow are being sown today, the seeds of today were planted in the past, some in the distant past.

– Gordan Craig –

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Investigative Journalism by and for citizen

Hope your all doing well today, I case you enjoy investigative journalism as much as I do check out the recent open source analysis from Bellingcat regarding the MH17 “incident” below:

Seems like the world is getting a smaller and smaller place dear Russia.

Yours Philipp


Today I relaxed and enjoyed the last bit of warming sun in the slowly getting more and more autumn atmosphere. Being out there enjoying the calmness and tranquility was worth the day, pretty recovered I got home, recharged with energy, ready to get some work done!

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